Oil Price: $81.19 per barrel

National Average Gas Price: $3.15
per gallon

Who are my representatives?
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SUBJECT LINE: A Solution to the Oil and Gas Crisis

Dear _______________:

I am deeply concerned about our dependence on foreign oil and the consequences we are facing as a nation for this dependence.

The current oil price crisis is adversely affecting each and every American, myself and my family included.

It is time for action. Here are the steps I would like to see taken immediately to save us from even higher fuel costs.

1.) DRILL FOR OIL NOW! Approve fast-track legislation to begin extracting oil and natural gas from the ANWR, the OCS and deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico, thus reducing foreign dependence.

2.) REFINE OIL NOW! Approve fast-track legislation to build at least four new, strategically placed oil refineries throughout the U.S. along with building new pipeline infrastructure to deliver finished product.

3.) STRONG DOLLAR NOW! The federal government must freeze new spending and reduce our $9.4 trillion national debt and deficits. This action will immediately strengthen the dollar and help reduce inflation.

Thank you in advance for your efforts on our behalf.


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